How to wear a cardigan?

The cardigan is a thing that should be one of wardrobe basics of every fashionista. So how to wear it, with which clothes can blend it? There are a couple of tips that will help you make the stylish outfit.

Short cardigan

Short cardigan goes well with the dress, especially the classic cut dress. You can find meny variants of looks with dresses here. Leave the cardigan unbuttoned and to make the set have completed look wrap the belt around your waist once or twice and put on your classic style high heels. And don't forget about the accessories.

Also, short cardigan looks good with pants and jeans of any cut. During the cold season you can wear a turtleneck under it, and in the spring shirt, tank top or even a top. The light scarf or snazzy jewelry can help to complete the image.


Long cardigan

This piece of clothing is good at any time of the year. It is best to wear it with pants, skinny cut jeans or leather leggings with a belt and of course high-heeled shoes. But tall girls need to be careful with this kind of set, as it visually makes the figure longer.

In the summer you can create an easy and original style by wearing long knitted cardigan with shorts. It is not necessary to wear the heels; the long cardigan looks great with any kind of shoes, even the sneakers. Massive bag would fit great too. But if the cardigan is made of lace, that will make the look even more ethereal. Try to choose contrasting colors so that the elements of the set are not getting merged with each other, and are completing the whole fashion image. 


Oversized type of cardigan

You need to be careful with this type. It is important not to overdo with the combinations and not to make yourself look bigger. Massive cardigans, knitted from a thick yarn, need to be combined with tight fitting bottoms. In this case jeans or skinny pants will be the best choice. You can complete the set with high boots or thigh high boots with no heel and a chunky woolen scarf.


If you want to wear a woolen cardigan with small dress, then they should have the same length. And in this case you can even choose a casual loose dress made of light fabric without a belt. The contrast of fabrics will give zest to your outfit. You can experiment with shoes and wear, for example, boots or sneakers. Long chain with a pendant and a chunky bracelet will help to add some accents and to make your fashion look fresher.


And remember, it is not necessary to just follow someone's advices. Let your imagination run wild and your sets will be unique, and you will become an example to follow!